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  • Description

    Spathiphyllum, with the graceful common name “peace lily”, is a tropical species that is a favorite, easy care houseplant. A striking plant when used in mass display, it blooms in spring with long-lasting flowers that hover gracefully over the leaves on the stalks. The plant has glossy, oval leaves with points that emerge from the soil. They filter more indoor pollutants than most other plants, thus, they are great for bedrooms or other frequented rooms.

  • Care Information

    A spathiphyllum favors medium, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight, but ensure to give the plant plenty of bright, filtered light. The plants like a rich, loose potting soil containing plenty of organic material. They are drought-tolerant and only need to be watered if their soil is dry. Check the plant once a week by touching the top of the soil and if dry, water the plant. During the summer, water and mist the plant frequently because it thrives with higher humidity. In winter, reduce watering but never allow the soil to dry out. Hardiness zones range from 11-12.

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