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- About the Brand -


Take a peek through rose-colored lenses with a brand that stems from deep roots in the industry.


Combining a love of farm-to-table trends & natural beauty with their passion for the family business, sisters Patricia & Kimberly Dewar are introducing their own fruit & floral creations to supermarkets nationwide.


With middle names that pay homage to their grandparents, Elizabeth & Alexandra, the two sisters represent the third generation of growers in the Dewar family. Well-known Dewar Nurseries founder, Alex Dewar, had an original vision in the early 60s to bring quality & variety to supermarket chains throughout the southeast & beyond. His wide selection of potted roses & indoor houseplants quickly caught the eyes of many & the business soared to unimaginable heights. Along with his son Bill, one nursery grew into five, ten employees became 350, and a single pick-up truck blossomed into a fleet of 75 semis. Just like that, this small family business became one of the largest growers of roses, fruits, and seasonal plants in the nation.


After spending most of their lives around flowers & fields, traveling to breeders with their father to find new varieties, and creating unique packaging for specific customer markets, creativity & an eye for quality comes easy to these two. Now, they’re on a mission to translate this well-cultivated energy to your homes with an elevated take on floral & fruit. 


Delivering flowering & potted beauty to perfectly complement your living spaces is the mission of Elizabeth & Alexandra. Partnering with Elizabeth & Alexandra on their exciting journey is Joseph Shahum, contributing 30 years of experience in floral product development & customer service relationships within the supermarket floral industry. His extensive experience & dynamic ideas are the ideal addition to the brand.

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