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Variety: Arbequina (Zones 8b-11)

  • Description

    The Arbequina olive is revered as both a table olive – for its mild, buttery and lightly fruity flavor – as well as an oil olive for its high oil concentration. Tasty fruit and gorgeous gray-green foliage will evoke the rolling Spanish landscapes where this variety is widely grown. The olives change color during the ripening process, going from a light green to pink before finally becoming a brown to purple shade.

  • Care Information

    Olive trees prefer to be planted in well-drained soil in a sunny area of the landscape. The olive tree is an evergreen that flourishes in hot dry areas, and as such, will not do well in wet, winter soil. The plant will need water every day, especially during the summer months throughout its first year. Once established, the olive tree is drought-tolerant. If you are located in Zones 4-7, keep your plant potted so that you can bring it indoors when freezing temperatures come. 

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