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Lemon Buttons Fern

Lemon Buttons Fern


  • Description

    The lemon button fern is a dwarf variety of the Boston fern and is just cute as a button. This adorable compact fern is known for being resilient and less finicky than some of its relatives, and its small size makes it perfect for growing indoors. Plus the small leaves of the lemon button fern give off a faint lemony scent during the spring and summer months, making it a refreshing addition to any home.

  • Care Information

    Lemon button ferns grow best in medium, indirect light. Use an acidic soil that is moist, loamy, and well-draining. Water your fern at least once a week to ensure that the soil stays consistently moist. While these ferns appreciate consistent moisture, never waterlog the soil as it can lead to root rot. Hardiness zones range from 8-10. 

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