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Victoria Bird's Nest Fern

Victoria Bird's Nest Fern

  • Description

    Bird’s nest fern (Asplenium nidus) gets its common name from the plant's tightly curled leaves that emerge from a brown rosette in the center. It is a spectacular, epiphytic fern with apple green fronds that will reach up to 20"-60" long by 8" wide. The gorgeous upright growth sets this easy-to-grow bird’s nest apart from the others. They add a wonderful accent to any well-lit space or when cascaded from your favorite planter.

  • Care Information

    Victoria bird's nest ferns thrive in bright, indirect light, producing more vibrant frond color when grown in light shade. The plants should be kept moist at all times, especially during the growing season. Water should be somewhat restricted in the winter, but the plants should never dry out completely. Hardiness zones range from 10-11.

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