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Austral Gem Fern

Austral Gem Fern

  • Description

    Austral Gem is a low, mounding evergreen fern that displays arching fronds of shiny, dark green leaves. Austral Gem's waxy leaves make it a hardier plant than most soft, thin-leaved ferns. This fern adds a light, delicate texture and nice contrast in the home or garden.

  • Care Information

    Place your fern in a location that receives medium, indirect dappled light. Use a soil rich in organic matter that can retain moisture but drain excess water to avoid root rot. Ferns need constant moisture so water regularly, but don't let them sit in standing water. Ferns adapt quickly to most household temperatures, but will need more water and shade during a heatwave. Humidity is a must to keep your fern strong and vigorous! Hardiness zones range from 9-11.

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