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The House Pet Collection

Named for the characteristics they share with their animal counterparts; these ferns bring both whimsy and wonder to your home.

Victoria Bird's Nest Fern

Victoria Bird's Nest Fern

The Victoria bird's nest fern gets its name from the plant's tightly curled leaves that emerge from a brown rosette in the center that resemble a nest. The gorgeous upright growth sets this easy-to-grow bird’s nest apart from the others.

Japanese Bird's Nest Fern

The crested Japanese bird’s nest is a popular cultivar with crested leaf tips, giving each frond a distinctive personality all its own. This beautiful specimen has a full, dense growth habit and adds an exciting dimension to your indoor plant collection.

6 White Rabbit's Foot Fern.png

Kangaroo Paw Fern

Kangaroo paw ferns have a variety of leaf forms, but their length contributes to the common name. Kangaroo fern is a very adaptable plant; it is equally at ease in the home or the office.


Rabbit's Foot Fern

Rabbit's foot fern, named for its delightful furry rizhomes that resemble a rabbit's foot, is a low-maintenance fern that will help busy gardeners manage their garden with minimum effort!

6 Kangaroo Paw Fern.png
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